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We are so excited to be the Second Grade Team at Field school! On the right, you will see your child's teacher.  We each have pages that are specific to what we are doing in class. This page and the tabs at the left apply to ALL second grade.  

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Ms. Joyce, Mrs. Firak, and Mrs. Greenberg-Smith

Security Procedures

Due to tragic events that have taken place over the last several years, access to schools is not what it has been in the past.  At all times, please be cognizant of the security measures we have in place.

It is of the utmost importance that visitors follow these guidelines when entering the building.

  • All visitors MUST enter through the main door for visual identification.  Ring the bell at the center door and wait to be identified.  You may be required to state your name and purpose for visiting if the office staff does not automatically recognize you and/or does not have prior knowledge of your visit.  There may be occasions when you may need to wait at the door until the office staff is able to identify you.  They may be on the phone, assisting students, conducting morning announcements, etc.
  • Never enter the building by catching the door when someone exits or behind a student or another adult.  This occurrence does not allow us to identify each person entering the building.
  • Never allow a student to let you in the building.  If they are trying to be courteous and open the door for you please ask them to close the door.  We are working with our students to review these security procedures.  Please help us reinforce this. 
  • Come directly to the office.  Your driver’s license will be scanned through our Raptor system which is tied to a State of Illinois database.  We will not need your driver’s license on subsequent visits once you have been cleared by this system.
  • Any visitor with or without a prior appointment must check in with the office staff to state the purpose of their visit.  All visitors in the building during the school day need to sign in on the Parent/Visitor Register on the counter in the office and wear a visitor’s badge.
  • All visitors desiring to meet with a teacher must have a prior appointment.  Please contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment.
  • Parents must send a note or email their child’s teacher (as well as the school nurse at when they are planning to pick up their child during the school day for an appointment.

MAP Test Practice Sites

Here are two resources for MAP test pracitce. Please contace your child's teacher if you have any questions or need your child's RIT scores. The games are divided by sub-topics found in the MAP test and by RIT scores.

Math Practice

Reading Practice  

** Please note that once you click the above links you are going to a website not maintained by Elmhurst District 205.   We cannot guarantee that all links work.

Great Sites for 2nd Graders

Math Practice

Zearn   (Contact your child's teacher if you need your login information.)

Everyday Mathematics Online  (Contact your child's teacher for login information.)

Literacy Practice

Use practice your weekly spelling words.   List 1 and List 2 words are posted on either Ms. Boerwinkle or Ms. Baxter’s Spellingcity pages.   All 2nd graders can access the words and have the same words each week (so yes, you can go to Ms. B or Ms. Baxter's pages even if you aren't in their class).   Ms. Boerwinkle and Ms. Baxter request their students log in to play games though (that way we can see what you’re doing!).   or   (Contact your child's teacher if you need your login information.) audio books for the computer

Google for Education - Pilot Classes

Use this link to access your school Google account.