Kindergarten Teacher:

Excellent Websites for Kindergartners


Letter Recognition-Drag colored letter and number magnets to a refridgerator, and the program will name the number or letter. Children can practice writing words.

Letter Recognition-Sort words into boxes based on their beginning letters.

Letter Recognition and Phonics-Go through each page clicking on the letter to hear words and see pictures of words that start with the letter. Then sort capital and lower case forms of the letter.

Phonics- This is a phonics memory game that allows children to match a letter to a word that starts with the letter.

Phonics-Drag letters between consonants to make real words.

Phonics -Hear an interactive story book and play a game. Each sound/letter has its own book and game.

Phonics-Identify the word that goes with each picture by choosing the right short vowel.

Phonics-Choose a picture that has a beginning sound starting with a given letter.

Phonics-Identify pictures that have the same beginning sounds.

ABC order- Help a little monkey unscramble his alphabet blocks.

Upper and Lower Case-Match each upper case letter with its lower case to help add color to a picture.

Upper and Lower Case -Match upper and lower case letters to help baby animals in the zoo.

Sight Words-Play bingo by correctly identifying each written word that is dictated.

Sight Words-Place words within sentences to complete the sentences.

Rhyming Words-Match words that rhyme by seeing a picture and hearing the word.


Counting and Number Recognition-Count the number of fish under the ocean and click on the total (the computer will read a number if you hover the mouse over it).

Number Recognition-Learn about each number by watching an interactive demonstration.

Numerical Order-Put number cards in order.

Numerical Order-Connect dots in order to make a picture.

Addition With Manipulatives-Drag "marbles" into a box to help a pirate solve an addition problem.

Shapes-Match shapes to build a house.


Dental Health-A an interactive storybook about "sugar bugs" that develop on teeth and the importance of brushing one's teeth.