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Fifth Grade Performance

Science Olympiad

Winter Wonderfest

Save the Date: Saturday, February 8, 2020

Field Running Club

All students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade can join the Running Club. There will be a two-week trial period for anyone who wants to try out FRC before committing to joining. Once committed, students are expected to participate each week and finish out the session.

Field students will have the opportunity to run during lunch recess and earn prizes while doing it! Runners receive a chain and a token for their chain for each mile they run. Special tokens will also be awarded for milestone distances and special occasions.

Students will run a designated path on the grounds of Field School that will be monitored for safety by volunteer parents.

Beginning September 21st, kids can “try” the Running Club for 2 weeks to see if they want to commit for the fall session.  Weather permitting, we will run on Fridays every week until the Drumstick Dash.  All FRC students will meet outside at the designated FRC area.

If your child is interested in joining FRC, please complete and return the contract and waiver, Attn: Audra Stanley.  There will be a brief and mandatory informational meeting for all 3rd graders and any other student who did not participate in FRC last year.  This meeting will take just 10 minutes during lunch recess. We will discuss rules and expectations, appropriate attire, chains and tokens, etc. at this meeting.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We’re looking forward to another great year!

Would you like to order Field Running Club Gear? Send the order form in by Wednesday, September 26th!

Laura Tanny Audra Stanley

Mom's Night Out

Mom's Night Out was launched in 2009 as a chance for Field Moms to meet and get to know one another in a casual, social setting. It was a huge success, offering numerous connection opportunities within the Field School community. By collecting a $10 donation, we raise enough money to reduce other 'sales calls' throughout the year.
A HUGE thank you to all of the Mom's Night Out hostesses!

Mom's Night Out Fall 2019



Friday, September 20th

First Grade



Second Grade


Wednesday, September 25th

Third Grade


Saturday, October 5th


Fourth Grade


Friday, October 4th

Fifth Grade


Friday, September 27th


Don’t miss this chance to connect with other parents! Download the RSVP form and send it in now!

Room Parents

KAM Kalinsky

Karrie Urso, Nicole Ligner, Ann Crampton

KPM Kalinsky Jana Bendik, Carol Mui


Jennifer Beeson, Sheila Hernandez, Karen Keller


Tanya Britton, Heather Stotts, Kate Knicker


Kelly Asseff, Amada Kowalski, Angela Parry


Marianne Kearney, Fran Sanaghan, Kim McCarthy


Annie Sosnov, Jenny Koerth, Kerrie Samuelian


Katharine Wagner, Erika Seiler, Kathleen Meade, Jamie Falconer


Lisa McCloskey, Nichole Putz, Kristen Jacobs, Abby Favor, Shannon Tobin


Lynnea Brown, Jeanna Bifero


Elena Gayan, Michelle Babusci


Susan Lisowski, Christina Witt, Sharon Falco


Carly Herter, Sarah Jensen, Sharan Singh, Carrie Poulos


Carly Herter, Lisa Treida, Rachel Ponton


Karen Grogan, Kevin Kersey, Katharine Wagner, Sarah Johnson


Amie King, Mindi Honken, Melanie Proctor


Trupti Parikh, Simerin Silverstein, Gina Rice




Reflections Update - November 18, 2018


Congratulations to the following Field students who submitted entries for this year's Reflections program!

Photography: Luke McCarthy, Moxey Wehrle

Visual Arts: Katie Larrick, Henry Meade, Henry Amberg, Hugh Herter, Max Herter, Anaya Parikh, Gavin Stotts

Literature: Alexandra El Etr-Garofalo, Lily Peterson, Calvin Schulz, Maya Parikh, Brynn Richardson, Mora Meade, Harrison Hiffman, Elin Seiler

Dance Choreography: Moxey Wehrle

Film Production: Emma Barron 

Music Composition: Dylan Bennett

The following students entries advanced to the District level:

Henry Amberg, Emma Barron, Dylan Bennett, Alexandra El Etr-Garofalo, Max Herter, Harrison Hiffman, Katie Larrick, Luke McCarthy, Maya Parikh, Anaya Parikh, Lily Peterson, Brynn Richardson, Calvin Schulz, Elin Seiler, Gavin Stotts, Moxey Wehrle

District Judging is occurring end of November.  Please check back for updates.

Upcoming Reflections Celebrations:

Late November - District level judging

Late December - Regional Level judging

We are planning an Elmhurst-wide Reflections Display at Judith B Salon - more details to come.

Reflections 2018-2019

2018-2019 Theme: "Heroes Around Me"

Encourage your child to participate!  This program will certainly unleash your child's artistic talents!  Entries from all grades and all abilities welcome.  Students choose the art category they're interested in!  There are six arts categories – dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

Deadline for entries: Wednesday, November 14th

For details, contact: Michelle Wehrle at

Students may submit an entry in any of the six arts areas listed below. Only original works of art are accepted. It does not matter whether an entry created for the Reflections Program has been created as a classroom assignment or independently at home.  Once judged at the local level, the winners go on to the council and/or district judging. Those winners go to the Illinois PTA to receive recognition.

Select projects will advance from the state level to the National PTA level. The six arts areas are as follows:

There is also a Special Artist Division which is an option for students with disabilities who receive services under IDEA or Section 504 to have the opportunity and accommodations they may need in order to participate fully in the program.




2018-19 RULES

Please carefully read the rules for specific categories. Failure to submit a proper entry form or follow specific arts category rules could disqualify a project.


Each project submission must include an official entry form. Feel free to attach an extra sheet if more room is needed for the Artist Statement, etc.

Download the Field Entry Form (pdf)


November 14 – Projects due to Field office

Early December – Select entries advance to DuPage East Regional Level

Late January – Select entries advance to State Level

February - March – D205 projects on display at Judith B Salon

May  – State Level "SPOTLIGHT" Celebration at Milikin University - plus - Dupage East Regional Celebration

You Can Help!

Here’s how you can help

*If you haven’t already, join the PTA. More than half of your membership fee goes to IL PTA, but the other portion is used for Field. Joining the PTA does not obligate you to do anything, it just ensures you stay informed!
*Support our fundraisers. 96% of our funding comes from fundraisers, like the ones below:
*Winter Wonderfest: This is a family-style carnival with games and prizes. Funds are raised with tickets, and raffles. Usually held after the new year.
*Square 1 Art: These are art projects done in school that you can then purchase on a mug, keychain, or other keepsake. More information coming soon.
*Mom’s Night Out: This is a $10 donation made to reduce other “sales calls” throughout the year and allow moms to meet and get to know one another in a casual setting.
*Support our incentive programs. This includes Eat & Earn opportunities at local restaurants.
*  Give your time. Throughout the year, we’ll be sending information and links on how you can get involved in the school. These opportunities are a fun way to make a connection with yourchild’s school.

Thank you for everything you do for our children! To find out even more, please visit

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Library Volunteers Needed

Got an hour or so to spare every other week?  Consider being a library volunteer and help re-shelve returned books.  Volunteers commit to a regular schedule of at least one hour every other week. You’ll have a set day and morning or afternoon time slot to volunteer, but you can pick the exact time you want to arrive and work your minimum one hour shift.  If you can’t commit to a regular schedule, but still want to help you can volunteer on a fill-in basis.   It’s a pretty easy volunteer job and Mrs. Talbot and Mrs. Ishida will show you where the books go.  Plus, you might get to see your kids.  If you are interested, please contact Kristin Sokol –