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NASA Picture Dictionary


**Star Child: The Solar System

Listen and Learn with NASA.  This site was created for elementary students.  For more detailed information select Level 2.


Welcome to the Planets

Great images of the planets.  Includes RealAudio or MP3 Audio of text.



Fun Activities


NASA Kids Club
Have a little fun playing games as you learn about the Solar System.


NASA Space Place
Learn about astronomy as you play games or make craft projects.


Starchild: Where, Oh Where Does That Little Object Go?
Identify the planets rotating  around the Sun.


NASA Images

3_Chicago History

Burnham Plan


Chicago Elevated


Chicago Fire

Map -


Chicago River - Transportation


Chicago River - Reversing the River


Eastland Disaster


Ferris Wheel


Fort Dearborn



Illinois and Michigan Canal - Transportation


Jane Addams / Hull House


Discovery Education Video


Lake Michigan


Neighborhoods Three- Hard



Sears Mail Order Houses


Transportation Hub - Change over Time - Hard


World’s Fair 1893 - Columbian Exposition


Discovery Education Video


World’s Fair – 1893 – Products Introduced


World’s Fair 1933 -


Great images from the fair's-fair


World’s Fair 1933 – Products Introduced


Chicago Fire

Experience how the fire spreads through the city

Chicago in the 19th Century



The Great Chicago Fire - Media Enhanced Book

Click here to enjoy the online version of this book

Check with Mrs. Talbot for the code.

3_Natural Resources


Explore Biomes of the world

Earth Observatory: Biomes

Brief summary of the land biomes.  Site published by NASA.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Explains the biomes. Describes the different animals and plants that live there.

Plant Adaptations

Plant adaptations.  Segment detailing how plants adapt to the conditions in each biome.

The World's Biomes

Overview of the major biomes on Earth.  Few pictures.


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

Tour the restored ecosystem south of Chicago in Wilmington, Illinois.

Prairies in the Prairie State

Technical review of the Illinois prairie. Great photographs of Illinois’s natural areas.  Includes database of native prairie flowers.

4_Changing Earth

4_Endangered Animals

4_State Resources

Online Databases

Culture Grams - States Edition

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online

Free Websites

America’s Story from America’s Library - Illinois

FactMonster – Illinois

IPL – Kidspace: Stately Knowledge – Illinois


5_Body Systems

Body System Resources


Encyclopedia Britannica


Remember to cite your resources.

Easy Bib


Encyclopedia Brittanica

Start your research by reading up on your topic in an encyclopedia. Contact your librarian for home login information.

Grolier Encyclopedia
Your first place for information. Contact your librarian for home login information.

Age of Exploration - The Mariner's Museum
Brief biography of many explorers. 

Specific Explorers

Vasco de Balboa

The Explorers: Spanish Exploration
Brief video clip summarizing the relationship of early Spanish explorers.

Jacques Cartier

Empire of the Bay: Jacques Cartier
Explorers and businessmen of the Hudson Bay Company

Online Exhibit of the Virtual Museum of New France: Canadian Museum of Civilization
Paintings and maps depicting Cartier’s exploration of Canada.

Christopher Columbus

Did the Chinese Beat Christopher Columbus to America?
What do you think? Who reached America first? Great picture file.

Video Clips of Columbus’ Voyages

Age of Exploration: Voyages of Columbus

Age of Exploration: Columbus's First Voyage

Age of Exploration: Columbus's Later Voyages

Christopher Columbus Video Clip

Summary of Columbus’s expedition to search for spices.

Francisco Coronado

Coronado National Memorial
National park commemorating Coronado’s explorations

Francisco Vasquez De Coronado
Brief summary and map of Coronado’s exploration in the United States.

PBS: The West - Francisco Coronado
Information from a PBS Documentary that contrasted the gain versus the human price of discovery and exploration.

Hernado Cortez(s)

The Conquistidors: Hernando Cortes
The quest for gold and land that created the modern world.

Hernando Cortez
Brief summary of Cortez’s colonization of the New World.

Bartolomeu Dias

Age of Exploration: World in 1400
Brief video clip of geography and the early explorers
Summary of Dias’s findings.

Vasco da Gama

Exploring the World: Vasco da Gama
Brief video clip summarizing da Gama’s voyage to Asia.
Summary of da Gama’s voyage to Asia.

Henry Hudson

Empire of the Bay: Henry Hudson
Explorers and businessmen of the Hudson Bay Company

Henry Hudson
Brief summary of Hudson’s exploration of North America.

The Life and Voyages of Henry Hudson
Extensive biography of Henry Hudson.

Ferdinand Magellan

Age of Exploration: Voyage around the World
Brief video clip summarizing Magellan’s voyage around the world.

Ferdinand Magellan: The First to Go around the World?
Q’s and A’s about Magellan’s travels.

Francisco Pizarro

The Conquistidors: Francisco Pizarro
The quest for gold and land that created the modern gold.

The Explorers: Conquest of the Incas
Brief video clip summarizing Pizarro and the Conquistadors conquest of the Incas.

Pizarro and the Incas
Brief overview of the demise of the Inca civilization.

Juan Ponce de Leon

Juan Ponce de Leon
Brief summary of exploration.

Ponce de Leon: Florida’s First Spanish Explorer
Brief biography written for students.

Hernando de Soto

Hernando de Soto
Brief summary of de Soto’s exploration of the United States.

Hernando de Soto Arrives and Explores Florida
Brief summary written for kids.

Hernando de Soto Trails Through North America
Extensive research on the travels of de Soto in the southern United States. Includes many illustrations and maps.

Amerigo Vespucci

The Age of Discovery: The New World
Brief video clip summarizing the exploration of the New World.


Discover the Animals of the Smithsonian