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Elementary Lunch Menu September 25-29, 2023

Monday 9/25
Cheese Crust Pizza **Vegetarian
Grape Tomatoes w/Ranch & Veggie of the Day
Orange Slices
Fruit Rollup

Tuesday 9/26
Popcorn Chicken
Garden Corn
Dick & Jane Cookies

Wednesday 9/27 -Late Start
Cheese Pizza Lunchable
Baby Carrots w/Ranch
Thursday 9/28
Mini Corn Dogs (4)
 Baked Beans & Veggie of the Day
 Diced Pears
Chocolate Tiger Bites

Friday 9/29
 Mini Blueberry Waffles**Vegetarian
Vanilla Yogurt Cup
Apple Slices

Juice Milk is included in all lunches $3.50 each, extra milk is .55


Elementary Lunch Menu September 18-22nd

 Monday Sept. 18
Mini Cheese Bagel Pizza’s (4) **Vegetarian
Baby Carrots w/Dip
Fresh Grapes

Tuesday Sept 19
Chicken Patty on a Bun
Finger Salad w/Dip
Royal Gala Fresh Apple
Mott’s Fruit Snack

Wednesday 20th  
Fiesta Pizza #Beef
Garden Corn
Diced Peaches
Fruit Roll Up

Thursday September 21st
Cheesy Pull Apart **Vegetarian
Marinara & Veggie of the Day
Fresh Melon Mix (Honeydew/Cantaloupe)

Friday September 22nd
Mini Breakfast Day **Vegetarian
Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt Cup
Hash Brown Patty
Apple Juice Cup


Elementary Lunch Menu September 11-15th

Monday Sept. 11
Galaxy Cheese Pizza **Vegetarian
Tossed Salad w/Dressing
Fresh Grapes
Fruit Roll Up

Tuesday Sept 12
Chicken Tenders (3)
Carrots w/Dip
Melon Mix
Cinnamon Goldfish

Wednesday Sept. 13th  Late Start
Garlic Pasta w/Marinara Dip**Vegetarian
Mozzarella Stick
Veggie Slushie
Fresh Apple Slices
Bug Bites Graham

Thursday September 14
Mini Cheese Triangles (3) **Vegetarian J
Finger Salad w/Dip
Fresh Strawberries

Friday September 15
Buttery Snack N Waffle
Chicken Sausage Patty
Cherry Juice
Orange Slices

Tuesday Sept. 5th

Popcorn Chicken
BBQ Sauce
Fresh Broccoli w/Dip
Fresh Whole Apple
Pretzel Rod

Wednesday Sept. 6th

Cheese Pizza Lunchable  **Vegetarian
Carrots w/Dip
Apple Slices

Thursday September 7th

^Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Fresh Green Beans
Cheez it crackers

Friday September 8th

Cinnamon Glazed French Toast **Vegetarian
Strawberry Danimal Yogurt
Veggie Slushie

Elementary Lunch Menu August 28-Sept. 1st 2023

Monday August 28th

Tony’s Deep Dish Cheese Pizza **Vegetarian

Tossed Salad w/dressing
100% Fruit Punch
Mott’s Fruit Snack

Tuesday August 29th

Make your own Nachos Beef Taco Meat
Corn Chips

Wednesday August 30th –Late Start

Turkey & Cheese Lunchable 
Veggie Juice Box
Apple Slices

Thursday August 31st

Mini Confetti Pancakes
Chicken Sausage Patty
Melon Mix
Veggie Slushie

Friday September 1st

Beef Hotdog on a Bun
Baked Beans & Grape Tomatoes                                                              Fresh Grapes

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