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Caudill - 5th Grade


Caudill Vote

The Field Caudill program is for students in 5th grade.  Students who have read 5 of the 20 titles may vote for the 2019 Caudill winner.


Battle of the Books


5th Grade Field students are invited to participate in the Field Battle of the Books.  The battles take place during lunch from mid-January - February.  The program is designed to encourage recreational reading.  In addition, students are learning to set goals, work as a team, while developing comprehension strategies. 

The competition will be based on selected books in the 2019 Illinois Caudill Reader's Choice Award. The teams earn points during the battle by responding to questions with a short response, title, and author's name.  The championship Field team will represent Field School at the Cross-town Battle of the Books in April.  


Students compile their team of 4-5 students. The team may include students from a variety of homerooms. Team entry forms are available in the classroom.  Entry forms are due on Friday, November 30th at 3 PM.



2019 Caudill List


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