Field Elementary School


What is PBIS?

As part of District 205's Response to Intervention (RtI) initiatives, Field School has adopted Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as the framework for implementing a culture of discpline conducive to learning.  Research shows that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to not only change problematic or unexpected behavior, but also works to encourage and maintain expected behavior.  As a result, Field School has developed a matrix listing the behavior we expect from students in all common areas of the school (see chart below).

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AM Bell




Be Safe


Direct route to next location


Single file line


Right side of hallway

Keep hands and feet to self


Eat your own lunch


 Stay seated

Hands and feet to self


Stay seated

Stand in front of your locker


Use equipment as intended

Stay in your seat


No eating on the bus


Direct route to exit door




Keep hands, feet and belongings to self


Be Respectful

Voice 0-1

Voice 0-1


Give privacy to others

Voice 1-2


 Raise hand if you need help


 Talk to your neighbors ONLY

Voice 0


 Raise hand if you need help

Voice 0


Raise hand if you need help

Voice 2-3


Include others


 Play fairly



Voice 0-1


 Keep hands and feet to self


 Kind words



Voice 1-2

Be Responsible

Wait until you reach your destination to ask for help


Approach adult in emergency situation

Go, Flush, Wash, Leave


Use resources as intended


Place paper towels in garbage

Place food in garbage can


Follow lunch supervisors’ directions



Be an active listener


Participate when asked

Be ready with all your materials



 Return equipment after use


Tell don’t tattle



 Follow directions of bus driver and all adults

Leave hallway clean


Be prepared with all materials



Monthly School Wide Incentives

Month Common Area Incentive Earned
August/September All Areas Dance Party
October Hallway No Homework Pass
November Playground 15-30 minutes of game time
December Lunchroom

15 minutes of free time & free seating

January/February Classroom Behavior  

Misconduct Forms

Students may recieve a misconduct form when behavior expectations are not met.