Field Elementary School


Explore Biomes of the world


Earth Observatory: Biomes

Brief summary of the land biomes.  Site published by NASA.

Enchanted Learning

Major Biomes of the World

Good resource for information about the tundra or taiga. Study guide for college students developed by Susan Woodward from Radford University.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Explains the biomes. Describes the different animals and plants that live there.

Plant Adaptations

Plant adaptations.  Segment detailing how plants adapt to the conditions in each biome.

The World's Biomes

Overview of the major biomes on Earth.  Few pictures.

WWF Habitats



Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

Tour the restored ecosystem south of Chicago in Wilmington, Illinois.

Prairies in the Prairie State

Technical review of the Illinois prairie. Great photographs of Illinois’s natural areas.  Includes database of native prairie flowers.