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We use a program called School Wide as our main resource for teaching reading using a readers workshop model.  The workshop model provides a mini lesson with the whole class and then an opportunity for students to read books at their level to practice the skills taught during the mini lesson.  While students are reading independently, they will either meet with the teacher individually or in a group.


Trimester 1 -  Launching Readers Workshop & Fiction



Trimester 2- Nonfiction



Trimester 3 - Roles of Plants & Animals in Ecosystems


Writing is probably one of the most difficult subjects to teach. Students often get stuck with writers block trying to figure out what to write about.  Or you get a student who writes a lot about nothing.   Writing can be frustrating for many children not just because they have difficulty figuring out what to write, but the process is slow in comparison to talking.  There is also more involved with thinking an idea, developing it, and then putting it down on paper (how do I start?  How do I spell this word?  How do I make this letter?).  So many things to think about!!   I won't promise to make the process of writing painless, but we will work on making it an easier.


We use Lucy Calkin's Units of Study for teaching writing.  We use a writer's workshop model of teaching writing.  This means during our writing time (which we will endeavor to do every day), we will have a mini lesson, time to write, and a sharing session.  While students are writing, I  conference with students about their writing.   The conference will look at what they are working on, what strategies they are using, and a goal for them to keep working on.   Instead of doing three "big" pieces of writing, students will be encouraged to write new pieces as inspiration strikes them.  So some students may be writing new pieces every few days and others will be working on one longer.  They will have opportunities to learn openings, closings, word choice, details, editing, etc.   After each unit, students will be given an "on demand" assessment to determine progress in their writing.


Our yearly plan:

Trimester 1 - Narrative 

Trimester 2 - Information 

Trimester 3 - Opinion 


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